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Milton Friedman and John Maynard Keynes from beyond the Grave

From the 1980 series, Free to Choose, the episode, Anatomy of a Crisis.

Highly relevant today, discussing the Great Depression, the role of the Fed, and perhaps most importantly, public opinion.  Includes a surprisingly fair treatment of Keynes.

For the whole video you can go to Google videos.

At 28:22 it goes to a group discussion which can be a lot to follow, however, the following can be generally understood:

Friedman was in favor a steadily increasing supply of money, given that there was a central bank controlling it. He believed that having a stable system was paramount to hoping to have the “right people” in office.

Is it bad I could best most high school curriculums just by drawing from my personal video library?

If you understand that money is a good like any other, and are interested, as I am, in free banking, here is a good primer article.

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