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“They are ants, Michael, they ARE ants!”

In one episode of Family Guy, Bill Gates is flying through the air on a jetpack with Disney CEO and chairman Michael Eisner, who says “God, the people look like ants from up here”, to which Gates replies, “They are ants, Michael, they ARE ants!”

You may feel this way when listening to the following cast on public opinion surveys performed in the US.


Why is public opinion relevant?
Do Americans want free speech?
What is the median voter theory?
What makes war more popular?
Was giving women the vote a good thing?
Did propaganda make East Berliners more socialist?
What are 3 types of public spending that Americans always want more of?
What is 1 type of public spending that Americans always want less of?


Public Opinion for Libertarians

Public Opinion for Libertarians.mp3

30 minute long lecture followed by about 20 minutes of questions.

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